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North Wales Jamaica Society:  Black History Book Club 

Wednesday mornings from 9.30 - 11.00

starting on Wed 6th October 6th 2021 .....

You are invited to join members of the North Wales Jamaica Society and authors to get up to date about the range of books that tell the stories of Black History in Wales - hopefully this will inspire you to read some of them and perhaps share a review with the group.

We are linking with the National Library of Wales, as they have created an interesting list, which we can add to. Check out this link:  



The sessions will include book reviews and background to books, with opportunities to meet some of the authors (who are still with us) and perhaps also gain some tips and hints if you are thinking of doing your own research and writing.  

Here are some of the books we will be discussing - NB you don't need to have read the books!

Theme:  Wales links with Slavery       

Chris Evans – Slave Wales: The Welsh and Atlantic Slavery 1660-1850 (Cardiff, 2010).
A history of Wales’s role in Atlantic slavery.

Angharad Tomos - Castel Sigwr (2020) - only in Welsh at present

Theme: Black People in Wales 

Alan Llwyd – Cymru Ddu: Hanes pobl dduon Cymru = Black Wales: a history of black Welsh people (Cardiff, 2005)

Theme: Welsh Missionaries and Explorers

Chris Draper and John Lawson-Reay  - Scandal at Congo House (2015) 

Helen Papworth -  The Butterfly and the Bee - telling the story of H M Stanley's wife, exploring her life and their relationship

Theme: Biographies 

Charlotte Williams - Sugar and Slate

Theme: Reflections on racism and tolerance in Wales 

Charlotte Williams, Neil Evans & Paul O'Leary - A Tolerant Nation - Revsiting Ethnic Diversity in a Devolved Wales (2015)

Theme: Writing in progress

Robert Burroughs - new book on the students who attended the African Institute in Colwyn Bay - to be published in 2022



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