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NW Black History Month 2012 

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Calendar of events

Monday 1st Oct at Penrhyn Castle 

10 - 12  BHM Teachers Workshop (NB this may be rearranged to dates later in the month - at more convenient venues across North Wales)

12 - 2.00   Opportunities to tour Castle at special reduced rate and have lunch in the National Trust Cafe

2 - 4      North Wales BHM Launch with Wales BHM Co-ordinator Leanne Rhaman and Catherine Dale, representative of the Jamaican High Commission - with presentations by Marian Gwyn and Yasus Afari.

Friday 12th Oct NWAMI is hosting a BHM Colwyn Bay event with Yasus Afari from 1 - 2pm, before the "BIG DEBATE" in Colwyn Bay from 2 - 4pm

Sunday 14th Oct  "Africa Calling" at Powis Hall, Bangor University - check  http://www.pontio.co.uk/whats-on/full-event.php.en?nid=9902&tnid=9902

Wednesday 24th Oct UCHELDRE THEATRE in Holyhead is staging a great night with Gazebo Theatre in Education's "Jamaica 50th" http://www.ucheldre.org/music.htm

Saturday 27th Oct - 4th November  2012 NW Capoeira Festival – led by Colin Daimond and Capoeira Mocambo following up the successful activities of last year held in North Wales, and again this will be featuring Capoeira Masters from Brazil  www.capoeiramocambo.co.uk

Sunday 28th Oct  FREE COACH to Wales BHM Finale in Cardiff. Capoeira Mocambo will also perform at this event.

Friday 2nd Nov  "Harp Music from Africa and Wales" at Powis Hall, Bangor University - check   http://www.pontio.co.uk/whats-on/full-event.php.en?nid=9944&tnid=9944

Wed 7th Nov  Consultation and follow up after BHM in Wreham  More information here


The NW BHM Reggaethon 2012 - with radio stations, social events and individuals playing reggae - can we cover 24 hours a day for the month???
John Wyre and the North Wales Jamaica Society are leading on this one!

The NW BHM Reggaethon 2012 - with radio stations, social events and individuals playing reggae - can we cover 24 hours a day for the month?

Listen to the reggae podcasts going out on: http://reggeathon2012.podomatic.com.  Why not make your own mix and broadcast it to the world?

What's your all-time favourite tune?  What are you listening to right now?  Get in touch, with your requests, your support and your love at reggeathon2012@gmail.com.

“Cysylltiadau dros yr Iwerydd / Atlantic Links”

Despite not gaining HLF funding the exciting “Cysylltiadau dros yr Iwerydd / Atlantic Links” project has developed so much momentum that the project will still be launched to include researching the past African Diaspora links between North Wales and Mid Wales and countries around the Atlantic, as well as recognising existing links and forging new links between schools and organisations with shared heritage, for example, the Denbigh Shows in Jamaica and Wales, and schools in the areas of the Caribbean where estate owning families from North Wales had plantations

This project may evolve to had an even wider range - including Australia and New Zealand where many families with Welsh Heritage still live.


We were hoping to do a range of things with HLF support eg organising academic lecture tours eg by Chris Evans, author of "Slave Wales" to launch “Atlantic Links” reading groups in libraries. However these plans are currently under review as we explore ways that we can fund them - however the options are there - just contact Learning Links International on 07711569489.

We hope to hold a special event in Wrexham “Exploring the Roots of Racism” will be staged to explore the story of Stanley, as told in S4C’s Cymru Ddu, involving academic researchers and community campaigners eg Football Clubs and "Show Racism the Red Card".


WALES BHM Jamaican Dub Poet in Residence YASUS AFARI will be visiting schools, colleges and universities - check www.yasusafarionline.com and contact lizmillman@yahoo.co.uk to explore options

Poet and Drummer Spicy Fingers will also be supporting school programmes across Wales www.spicyfingerspoet.com

Locally based poet, Martin Daws, will be running schools and community workshops with a Black History links theme www.martindawspoet.com

Dragon Drums are taking bookings: Check here

Capoeira Workshops can also be booked to tell the story of African resistance Check  www.capoeiramocambo.co.uk

Talks and presentations about the Penrhyn Estate Links with Jamaican Plantations can also be booked - contact Liz Millman 07711 569 489

Young Farmers in Denbigh are also planning an event to launch their links with the Denbigh Show in Jamaica.

Police, Fire Service, Health Services, Schools, Colleges and Universities, Libraries, Archives and other organisations are also being encourgaged to plan and put on events.

Contact NW BHM Co-ordinator Liz Millman, on 07711 569 489 lizmillman@yahoo.co.uk to discuss ideas or get some support or to offer funding or space for NW activities in BHM!

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